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Use Case Overview MicroDex Wallet


Users will be able to stake MICRO directly from their MicroDex app and earn crypto rewards.

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MicroDex token holders can influence decisions concerning the project.

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MicroDex Token will be used for paying transaction fees..

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Gaining eligibility in MicroDex launch pools.

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“Our mission is to create the ultimate token wallet that boost interchain and multi-chain compatibility — while providing a superior user experience through an intuitive UI. We envision a wallet that empowers individuals to access decentralised Finance (DeFi) technology, as well as trading popular stocks.”

Peteris Patton
Co-Founder, dev

“MicroDex Application works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets. Enabling users to store, send and receive Ethereum and Smart Chain based tokens with ease.”

Ivan Casper
iOS, android, .sol


MICRO will be the preferred token in our ecosystem. As the preferred token we plan to use the MicroDex Token for staking, governance, paying transaction fees and gaining eligibility in MicroDex launch pool.

The proper guide that helps you to install & edit your profile.

Also, note that the entire database will be stored on decentralized servers.

MicroDex RoadMap

Use your android or iOS device to manage everything.

Create in-app wallets, store, receive and transfer token easily in a one stop shop experience.

Secure your assets with Private Keys, Mnemonic Phrases, 2-Factor Authentication, and more.

Beginner-friendly with no hidden fees or tech background needed.

Browse and connect to the decentralised web sites using built in powerful Web3 browser.

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